Karin Stothart 
August 19- 21, 2011

WORK Gallery is pleased to present Albatross, 6 new videos with an installation by Karin Stothart. Drawing its content and materials directly from one of the artist’s own failed romantic relationships, Albatross shows Stothart in a constant process of pitching and disassembling a tent, made from bedsheets shared with the ex-boyfriend, in 30 different locations. Camp locations can happen anywhere at anytime, and are at times impractical, as the integration of the experiences and memories into present life is not yet quite smooth. Stothart crawls into the tent, enveloping herself inside a private physical space that is also an intangible space of emotional retreat. The tent, titled "I miss you everywhere Andrew", is Stothart’s past recreated as a delicate and vulnerable shelter that stands out against the cold reality it is pitched in.

I miss you everywhere Andrew
bed sheets donated by artist and ex boyfriend, nylon, bias tape, tent polls, zipper, canvas, cotton webbing

48”x 72” x 60”


This exhibition was part of the WORK Gallery solo exhibition program. For six months, April through August 2011, WORK Gallery executed an ambitious series of solo exhibitions, mounting two solo shows per month. Each exhibition was accompanied by an artist talk with a guest speaker, often from another profession leading, to encourage new ideas, and cross-disciplinary discussion.