Andrew Prayzner 
New Pictures
Jully 22- 31, 2011

WORK Gallery is pleased to present New Pictures, an exhibition of recent and new paintings by Brooklyn based artist, Andrew Prayzner. Looking at the several bodies of work included in the exhibition, the unifying elements of grids and geometry emerge. This formal factor, related to the organization of digital information, works to break down the common distinctions between portraiture and landscape painting, representation and abstraction; conceptually rendering all that is shown as data. Taking his source material from the proliferation of images in our contemporary culture, Prayzner explores the information or misinformation we may extrapolate from these images, and how the mediums through which we receive information plays a part in shaping how we understand it.

In between trees in background is where we have obstacle course

oil on linen

20" x 16"


This exhibition was part of the WORK Gallery solo exhibition program. For six months, April through August 2011, WORK Gallery executed an ambitious series of solo exhibitions, mounting two solo shows per month. Each exhibition was accompanied by an artist talk with a guest speaker, often from another profession leading, to encourage new ideas, and cross-disciplinary discussion.