Michael Dominick

Kiss My Action

Performance, October 1, 2011

WORK Gallery is pleased to present Kiss My Action, a performance and installation by sculptors Michael Dominick and Kenneth Payne, and poet Heller Levinson. Dominick creates his molten iron paintings live before audiences, in an event that is part performance, part raw creative act. On completion, each painting is hung in the gallery, fresh and alive with creative action. Together with Payne, the two create the second act in the event: combining Dominck’s liquid fire with 300lbs of ice that Payne has cut troughs and channels through. The cooled iron mass produced by this process is then displayed in the gallery. Poet Heller Levinson debuts his new poem written for Dominick’s art at the start of the performance, and provides rthyms inspired by his direct observation of the events unfolding before us. Please join us for this unique and original event that promises a reconnection to our primal and intuitive nature.

Kiss My Action performance

Michael Dominick
molten iron pouring


This exhibition was part of the WORK Gallery solo exhibition program. For six months, April through August 2011, WORK Gallery executed an ambitious series of solo exhibitions, mounting two solo shows per month. Each exhibition was accompanied by an artist talk with a guest speaker, often from another profession leading, to encourage new ideas, and cross-disciplinary discussion.