Jan Mollet

Low Fat Pop
May 13- 22, 2011

WORK Gallery is pleased to present Low Fat Pop, an installation by artist and designer Jan Mollet.

A band of bricks cut from the graphic cardboard packaging for popular foodstuffs and home products wrap the gallery walls, enveloping the viewer in a mashup of abstracted but still instantly recognizable messages. The band is warm and welcoming, familiar like an old friend. Drawn into closer investigation, and the viewer soon is lost in a web of identification with otherwise unexceptional commercial products that acquire a new significance as we chart the development of our lives across the brick covered wall. Any connections felt while gazing at the bricks places the viewer in juncture to the artist, as his trash was the source for much of the material.

Hung against the brick band are elegantly gilded framed paintings, created from used worktable tops from Mollet’s own studio. In juxtaposition to the labor evident in the worktable tops and frames, simple, unmodified found objects adorn the heavily worn surfaces of the paintings. Populating the gallery space are academic and reference books that have been mechanically hewn into aberrant mouths with fantastically long tongues. These sculptures are Lickers, humorous and literal, they partake of everything in the room. Similarly transparent are the sculptures Cranium and Untitled: carrots, hanging from the walls and ceiling.

Through unusually shaped paintings, offbeat sculptures, and his altering of the gallery’s architecture with the post-consumer bricks, Mollet expresses the desire for a direct exchange with his audience. These disparate objects, materials, and works of Low Fat Pop can be approached as independent elements, or they can be combined into an immersive experience that delineates classist notions of fine art and the gallery experience.

Low Fat Pop installation view

This exhibition was part of the WORK Gallery solo exhibition program. For six months, April through August 2011, WORK Gallery executed an ambitious series of solo exhibitions, mounting two solo shows per month. Each exhibition was accompanied by an artist talk with a guest speaker, often from another profession leading, to encourage new ideas, and cross-disciplinary discussion.