Onion's Milk

Curated by Gravity Sleeps

Video premier and performance, Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vaudeville Park, Brooklyn, NY

Join us for the gallery debut of Idgy Dean’s new music video for “Onion’s Milk” - an infectious single from her Heart & Lung album - as well as a live performance by Idgy Dean. 

Directed by Samuel Baumel, this Gravity Sleeps production bends philosophies of sexual attraction and repulsion through experiments with gender identity, sets the scene with bizarre culinary art and showcases the primal, childish, robotic and guilty states of a cancerous love affair. Love as spoilt milk. Lovers as tear-inducing layers of a powerfully offensive onion. All shown through surreal imagery and manicured vignettes. 

After you've been awed by the video debut and the live performance scope out a series of scallion sculptures, gawk at the intricately-assembled onion milk circulatory system, nosh on a menu of aptly-themed hors d’oeuvres and cocktails (Garlic gimlets, anyone?), watch eerie behind-the-scenes slow-motion footage of androgynously dressed dinner party guests in an Edwardian/Sci-Fi dystopian void. Designated drivers can cozy up to our milk bar with their favorite pasteurized (or lactose-free) beverages. 

Gravity Sleeps is sharing all the juicy bits that made this video happen. 
Immerse yourself in the world of Onion’s Milk. 

Contributing artists include:  Barrett Washburne (Onion sculptures), Nicholas Tong (Onion heart circulatory system),Wesley Wingo (Cinematography), Margo Mendez (Makeup & Hair), Gabrielle Krone (Costume).

Sponsored by Bulldog Gin and Brooklyn Brewery.
Black tie optional.

Onion's Milk video still

Directed by Samuel Baumel, Gravity Sleeps

Performed by Idgy Dean


Image courtesy Gravity Sleeps and Idgy Dean