Caroline Voagen Nelson


February 18- 28, 2012

Vaudeville Park is extremely pleased to present ReConstruction, a solo exhibition by photographer Caroline Voagen Nelson. ReConstruction is an exhibition of large-scale photo-montages and photographs inspired by urban spaces in flux. Nelson digitally reconstructs her photographs into biomorphic shapes that transcend the traditional edges of a photograph, and become floating objects that reference sculpture and drawing.

The environments documented are from Nelson's travels, where she observed spaces in transition. Her new work, "On the Fence", is a collage inspired by the current Chilean student movement. During this on-going strike, students have stacked their chairs on school fences throughout Santiago as a form of protest against the for-profit education system. Nelson removes the context of the Chilean landscape and focuses on the development of the chair piles, which represents the fluctuating student movement. A collection of student portraits are featured alongside "On the Fence". 

"Power + Lines" is a photo manipulation of the power lines in Vietnam and the United States. The way the chaotic lines of Ho Chi Minh’s power infrastructure are entangled with the US reflects how they are enmeshed globally. The intensity of layering and intertwining are major themes in Nelson’s creative process. "Road Map" is a photo-montage flipped backwards, constructed from c-print photographs of interiors stitched together by hand and sewing machine. Here the layering of images with the stitches results in a sub-conscious map of space.

Constructed from photographs of the demolition of the Chicago housing project, Cabrini Green, and the erection high-rise condos on the "Gold Coast", "Accretion" acts as an organism, with sections referencing the beginning and end stages of environments. Also drawing on modern ideals of progress and loss are the collages "Todem City" and "Fade Flashback". "Todem" reflects on the gentrification of East Harlem and pays homage to Manhattan’s original, natural state, while "Fade Flashback’s" layers and repetition of stacked images mimics how the mind recollects specific imagery accurately while other details of the past is faded or stacked upon other imagery, thus losing its clarity

On The Fence (detail)

digital transparency film, wood door

83" x 24"