Site 4 ( 30°28'40.43"N  91°13'2.03"W)

Diazo print on plexiglass

30.125 x 30.125"


Generated utilizing aerial satellite imagery collected through Google Earth these cartographies depict territories that are also complex autonomous organisms that feed on themselves, existing without external input. Within these sites are a confluence of nature, topography, bodily organs, industrial networks and architectural systems whose interrelationships form a whole from which the individual elements derive their meaning.

Rendered in the obsolete reprographic diazo (blueprint) printing process once used by engineers and architects, the sites are situated between photographic representation and imaginative drawing. This central ambiguity of where the sites belong to poses the question of whether these are depictions of actual or mental places; whether our environment is a psychological dictator or if space is an internal creation by our consciousness. Thus the sites are both potentials for exploration as well as a metaphor for the artist’s mind.

As our perceptions shift, the spaces we occupy too are necessarily transient. An implication of the diazo print medium is reckoning with its unstable nature. Without intervention the diazo prints undergo a transformative and interactive process, absorbing environmental factors to gradually change in color, contrast, and tone, exploring the visibility of time through the unavoidable conflict of idealism and impermanence.