Yusuke Nishimura

July 1- 10, 2011

WORK Gallery is pleased to announce a solo show by Yusuke Nishimura. Through a combination of thoughtfully elegant composition and cool observation, Nishimura creates photographs that are records and impressions of time, space, and light. In the two series shown, Tracing Paper and Shadow, Nishimura delves further into ambiguities, as his investigations of immaterial elements yield photographs with such a sense of physicality, that they feel almost more sculptural than flat, two dimensional documents.

Yusuke Nishimura currently lives and works in Brooklyn. He recently received a Nomination for the ICP Infinity Award as a Young Photographer this year and was an artist in residence with O’, Milano Italy in 2010. Yusuke received an MFA from the School of Visual Arts in 2008 and currently has a series of photographs traveling with an exhibition called reGeneration 2.

Yusuke Nishimura

installation view

Series Title: Shadow

Artist Statement

Shadow is a series of photographs of the gallery wall, captured through images of the same wall but at different moment in time. In three of the four works, I photographed the wall through slide films that depicted just the shadow of art works which had been previously installed on the wall. For the other work, I first photographed the wall when there was projection of daylight through the ceiling window. I then photographed the same wall through slide film depicting that projection of daylight.

In this series I was interested in nature of photographic image that is both material and immaterial. In analogue photography, images are captured on film, and then later it is used to make a print in the darkroom. I was interested in this in between state of the film. This is not simply an image being presented as the final work, it is a physical object that both receives and projects image.

In the Shadow series, the images of the wall, or once at the wall, are put back into their original place. Within the image, the slide film depicting the past state of the wall both projects the image of itself onto the wall, allowing for a certain visibility through itself. By directly juxtaposing images of the same wall captured at different moment, I attempt to highlight the conflict of time in a different moment, and also the materiality/immateriality of the photographic image.

Series Title: Tracing Paper

Artist Statement

I photographed a sheet of tracing paper covering window at night. Each image was photographed at different location and different environment; from a hotel room overlooking cityscape, a room in a house in country side, or a bedroom of an apartment in residential area.

Each is photographed for one hour, and so what is affecting the appearance of the tracing paper is the views outside. Historically tracing paper has been used to trace an image that is right behind it. Since the translucent nature of tracing paper, when it was placed onto an image, it was easy to follow the outline of the figures and trace the image. It was used to duplicate and reproduce an image. I was curious to see what it means to trace an image where the “image” itself is not fixed as image yet.

By placing a sheet of tracing paper over what is to become an image, I wanted to suggest an idea of image before it becomes a photographic image.

This exhibition was part of the WORK Gallery solo exhibition program. For six months, April through August 2011, WORK Gallery executed an ambitious series of solo exhibitions, mounting two solo shows per month. Each exhibition was accompanied by an artist talk with a guest speaker, often from another profession leading, to encourage new ideas, and cross-disciplinary discussion.